This is a little love belonged to her who live, dream and believe in love.
"Life is a dream, and love is the sleeping pill."
The sunrise of the third day started to enter the horizon; and the Kindest, the Truest, the Savior has risen from His grave, proving us the wicked human race that He has fulfilled His promise for us. New hope, new day, new life, for God’s only Son has defeated the death. Happy Passover 😃 #easter #God #glory #sunrise #happyeaster
A smile to brighten up the day :) a smile to thank the one who stays :) a smile to show the love today :) #ootd #goodday #happiness #igdaily
This thought just popped out in my mind. Sometimes, when my ‘problems’ just revolve around math, complex number, quantum physics (sorry, i find that chapter very very very you-know-what-i-mean), electromagnetism, what’s the next art i should draw and etc, i should be pretty grateful because real-life problems are just more more more complex then what i face today. 

I just read some blogs, and wow okay i dont hve such a complicated problem. And once again, i feel so grateful i was sent to this place, for additional 4 years of education - or additional four years of less complicated problems. 

Living here is not easy. Good grade is ten-fold harder to get compared to when i was in my home country. Parents are far away from me. But there is always something to thank and feel blessed about.

Thank you, God ❤️
Actually, a simple life is a good life <3 Thank you God for this simple life :)

I just realized that my life is problem-less

Okay, I write this because I want to talk to the computer because if I talked about this to my friends they could slap me or crush my already-broken toe. 

I read a not-so-straight love story. I read a very coveting life story just now too. She can get much affection without even trying too. dozens of boys tried to ask her number. That never happens to me (the latter one). So, my life is not a comic-like story. Oh well, what can i do about it?

However, I don’t have much problem too with my life. My problem is: how to ace as much as subjects in my A level? How to get better mark for my essay? How to count accurately in 3 hours examination without getting sleepy and bored with those numbers? How to draw better and better? AlamakI am such a nerd. My problems are in books, notes, exams, whatever you call it. 

Kinda bored. I kinda want a life of ‘challenges’ but yeah i do want a happy ending too :). 

Okay, I am a nerd. but it’s okay. I’m content with such nerdy life. 

Every time I remember that I am a nerd, I remember this too: “you are such a nerdy bimbo. what a deadly combo”

Thank you, my boy. You make me feel a bit more than a nerd B)

nerd rocks!

Will you remember me in ten years?


She lied down on her bedside. It was 5:30am in the morning. She was just woke up.
“Wait up!” he shouted from the other side of the line. They were connected through a phone call, “wait.. wait… ah! this is it!” Then a sound of camera capturing was heard, “I’m sending you the light,” he said.

Love will find you, no matter how far you are, no matter when the time will be. 

I can’t imagine myself to be in this position, since owh yeah my life is pretty straight, I honestly said. But if I was in such position, I would tell myself to believe, just believe that everything will be alright - with or without him. 

I see the next jennifer lawrence
NO no no this book is too sad to read i can go crazy if i read this so no.
because nothing is worth it if it is easy ;)
okay, i&#8217;m going to read this this year.